Emergency Info

It’s very rare for an orthodontic emergency to occur. Here are some common problems and some simple temporary solutions:

Loose Bracket

Most of the time, a loose or broken bracket is not urgent and can be fixed at your next scheduled appointment. Call your orthodontist to determine if you need to come in before your next appointment.

If your wire comes out of the back tube or bracket, if you feel confident you can use tweezers to carefully thread the wire back through the bracket or tube. If you are unable to do so please call your orthodontist to make an appointment.
Poking Wire

If a wire is poking into the side of your mouth or your gums, dry the area and place wax on the end. Call you orthodontist to book an appointment to have the wire trimmed.

If you are suffering from a painful toothache, something is wrong that requires attention. Contact us immediately to organize an appointment as quickly and conveniently as possible for you. Painkillers such as Ibuprofen or Paracetamol are recommended provided you are not allergic to them; however, do not exceed the recommended maximum dose.

If you still have the tooth. The sooner a knocked-out tooth is reimplanted, the more likely it is to embed itself back into the gum. If you don’t want to be left with a gap, make an emergency appointment to see us and follow this advice:

  • Handle the tooth by the white bit at the top (the crown) and avoid touching the root.
  • Do not scrape or brush the tooth.
  • If the tooth is dirty, rinse it for no more than 10 seconds with cold running water or milk and try to put the tooth back into its socket in your mouth as soon as possible. Do not rinse the tooth with alcohol.
  • When the tooth is back in its socket, bite down onto a clean piece of material (such as a handkerchief) to keep it in place.
  • If you cannot reimplant the tooth, hold it between your cheek and gum until you manage to see a dentist, or store the tooth in a clean container and cover it with milk or a small amount of your saliva.

Facial swellings can be dental in origin, it can be caused by an dental infection. “Contact us” (link to contact us page) immediately for diagnosis and to receive treatment or antibiotics.

The crown is usually made of ceramic material, keep your crown safe. Most of the time it can be re-cemented. This should be done as soon as possible to avoid damage or the need for root canal treatment. Contact us immediately.