Dental Implants

Replace your damaged or missing tooth with a dental implant.

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At Easy Teeth Dental we provide our patients with dental implants. This form of restorative treatment is the only one that replaces the whole tooth. Whereas treatments such as dental bridges only replace the top part of the tooth (the crown), the dental implant procedure replaces the tooth root and the crown.

The dental implant is a titanium screw that is surgically inserted into your jaw. The implant is made from titanium as this is a biocompatible material.  Over time, your jaw will heal around the implant providing a strong and sturdy artificial tooth root for a dental crown.

The procedure and what is involved

The dental implant procedure normally involved these phases:

  1. The first appointment is a consultation about what is involved with the dental implant procedure and what you can expect and to assess suitability for treatment.
  2. Once treatment is deemed appropriate, we will recommend the appropriate surgeon. The surgery for your implant requires a small incision in your gum-line, with the implant then gently guided into your jawbone. Local anaesthetic ensures you are completely comfortable at all times, with many people who receive implants returning to their normal daily routine the following day. The implant will take between 3-6 months to bond with your jawbone. The length of time it takes for your dental implant to heal depends on a number of factors such as: your oral health, your overall health, your body’s natural ability to heal and whether the implant is placed in your upper or lower jaw—the implant may take longer to heal if it’s in the upper jaw.
  3. Once your jawbone has healed around the dental implant you will be ready for the restorative phase of your implant. Your new crown or bridge is permanently secured to your implant, rejuvenating your smile and quality of life.

Why you want to replace a missing tooth

Replacing a missing tooth is about more than aesthetics.  More importantly it provide you with adequate chewing function. Also, when you lose a tooth the teeth on either side begin to migrate towards the gap. This can cause a misaligned bite and lead to further jaw closing joint problems.

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