Crown and Bridge

Protect and strengthen your tooth

Crowns are one of the strongest long-term solutions when restoring a single tooth back to its full function and appearance.

Made from high-grade dental ceramic, a crown can be placed over a damaged or weakened tooth. Most commonly, crowns are used on teeth that have undergone root canal treatment or a large filling. Though traditionally used for reconstructive purposes, crowns are increasingly utilised in cosmetic dental procedures to achieve a beautiful, straight smile.

A dental crown takes two to three appointments to place. The first appointment is the consultation: this is where we will talk to you about your options and explain the dental crown process.

The second appointment is where an impression of your tooth is taken and then prepared for the dental crown. A temporary crown is placed and the impression of your tooth is sent to the lab where your permanent crown will be fabricated.

At your third appointment (which can be a week or two later), temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown is cemented in place. If looked after properly a dental crown can last for many years.

Dental Bridge

A bridge can be used to replace several missing teeth, helping to restore your smile. A bridge is held by crowns secured to sound teeth on either side of the space, which prevent your adjacent teeth from moving into the vacant space and opposing teeth moving out of alignment.

The process for a dental bridge is similar to a dental crown. The first appointment is a consultation, when we will explain the process to you and what you can except over the course of the treatment.

The second appointment is where impressions of the two teeth either side of the missing tooth are taken and then prepared for dental crowns. Once the impression has been taken and the teeth prepared, a temporary bridge will be placed while your more permanent bridge is created in the lab.

The final appointment is when the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent dental bridge is placed.  To ensure the long-term success of your treatment, we will conduct a thorough examination and careful preparation, prior to receiving your crown or bridge.

At HainsDental Easy Teeth we offer a number of treatments to restore form and function to your smile. If you are missing a tooth or have damaged or weakened teeth, talk to a us today to find out how we can help you.